You placed my king
In a surprising check
To ensure I’m kept
On the tip of my toes.

Only a few
Of our pieces are left,
And each one of my moves
Are presupposed.

Synonymous to beginner.

A satisfying poach
Awarded to the winner.


I’ve Seen

I’ve seen tears fall
From the face of a giant,
A hint of desperation
In the pleas of a king,

An attempt to forgive
The guilt-tripping violent,
Their genuine surprise
That neither learned a thing.

The wishes of a mother
Remain whispers in the wind,
And the riches of the world
In the words of humbled men.


I stopped myself
To take a breather,

But I took it far too late.

My reluctant lungs
Could hardly handle

The second-hand sadness
Yours create.

Each blessing that falls
Into your hand

Soon meets its match
And asphyxiates.


You have been hypnotized
By the Siren’s song.
You looked into her eyes
For far too long.

Any action you take
Won’t be for you.
Any action she takes
Will be your cue.

But if it’s truly your desire,
Is the cage we see your castle?
If you took on the role yourself,
Is the stage now worth the hassle?

Unintentional Internalization

Our skin’s as thick
As our words are sharp
To dampen the damage
We take to heart.

But sometimes they pierce
Right through our defenses,
Despite whether the offender
Had the best of intentions.

It’s a wound that lingers
And leads to a scar
Once committed to memory
(Which shapes who you are).

For each one we’ve endured,
We’ve dealt so many more
For the most innocuous remark
Still can pierce like a sword.