Unintentional Internalization

Our skin’s as thick
As our words are sharp
To dampen the damage
We take to heart.

But sometimes they pierce
Right through our defenses,
Despite whether the offender
Had the best of intentions.

It’s a wound that lingers
And leads to a scar
Once committed to memory
(Which shapes who you are).

For each one we’ve endured,
We’ve dealt so many more
For the most innocuous remark
Still can pierce like a sword.


Haiku #11

When you tell a lie,
You tell the truth about you
And your character.


I could have
Been the one
To lead you
To the Cross.

But instead,
My faith
Has been left
At a loss.

Your cup
Was half-full
Of trials
And tribulations;

If only
Its diluter
Was God’s grace
For all nations.

There were countless
Which I used
As my excuse

To keep silent
About the love
That you surely
Could have used.