Piece of Mind

Here’s another old Linerider track I made.



All of the kids around me complain
And complain
And complain
And complain
But I’m feeling all right
So when they catch sight
Of me, they think I’m insane

Get a Job

I’ve got too much time on my hands
So I give in to the world’s demands
In hopes that they’ll take my time
But instead they give me what’s already mine
I guess it’s true; I need a job

Silent Sound

Safely set inside this song
Are silent sounds we passed along
Secret though we seek to know
Signs of its new secret show

Silence hides up in the skies
Far from folks, cars, and lies
It only lives to watch us die
For that is when our souls arrive
And silent sounds are synthesized

Enjoy Your Work

You think when you finish all of your work
Your stress and worries will be gone?
You’re wrong; they come back twice as strong

Now you will stress about what to do
Until you must work even more
Always afraid of what’s in store
So your free time will now curse you

But don’t worry; I have a cure
You just need to say, “Yes sir”
To your boss and enjoy your work

Figure Eight

I’ve said to myself countless times
“Today I will do something great”
But here I sit every day, wasting away
Thinking of something clever to say
I just need one amazing rhyme
To break from this endless figure eight

Then and only then will I be complete
Something to show for all of my time
Even though it’s been weeks
Of pursuing something to entertain my mind
To ensure that I don’t need to think
Of the past, present, future situations
Delving further into desecration
Forgetting what it is I seek


So many bands, activities, shows
Hobbies, teams, books, exposed
To your mind all at the same time
Flirting with your attention
And hoping that you’d find
They are the most worthwhile
All the others will defile
And leave you feeling empty
“Listen to me, listen to me
Listen to what I have to say
My audiences have all found happiness
From following my cunning ways
And you may expect no less”