Snack Bar

The ratio of girls to guys
At the snack bar may surprise:
(And please note that I don’t speak lies)
For every boy, three girls arise!

“Snack bar. Ice cream. Cookies. Cake.
Just one slice or two I’ll take.
I promise to maintain my weight,
I just can’t live without milkshakes.”

But from the corner of their eye,
They see a boy passing by
With ice cream stacked up to the sky
And wish that he may surely die.


One thought on “Snack Bar

  1. Me: Hold on, I’m gonna get dessert. (Gone for a few minutes) I’m back!
    Jealous Girl #1: Whoa, you really went all out!
    Me: Oh, this is nothing compared to the pile of ice cream I had at lunch.
    Jealous Girl #2: Wait, you eat two desserts in one day?
    Me: Sometimes…yeah, usually.
    Jealous Girl #3: (to herself) I’m lucky if I get to eat it once a week.
    Jealous Girl #1: Well, we’re off to the gym, bye!
    Me: Ok, well, I’m gonna have some more ice cream. Have fun!
    Me: Oops.

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