Leaf Blower

You’re the girl sitting on the park bench.
I’m the guy with a leaf blower.
I’ve gotta do my job,
So would you kindly please move over?

I’m walking right towards you,
So don’t say you didn’t notice me.
I’d like to get off work soon,
So I’ll give you until the count of three.


Alright, so you’ve called my bluff.
I’m not really going to do anything.
I just wanted to look real tough,
But this little bee ain’t got no sting.

I’ll just tell my boss that I missed a spot,
And I’ll explain my sad situation.
Then we’ll both laugh at the thought
Of me writing poetry about my frustration.


Morning Alarm

By the second beep of my alarm,
I’m on my feet to escape harm.
Once it sounds, I know I’m doomed;
I must awaken before I’m consumed.

The alarm’s turned off at such a blinding speed
And then followed shortly by a slow stampede
Back to bed, back under my cover,
Back to dreams I must rediscover.