Verbal Blunder

That was simply a slip of the tongue.
Is it too late for me to play along?

I fear I’m no longer as mysterious,
As wise, and as fearless
As I’ve implied myself to be.

I’ve revealed my true colors.
I’ll soon be discovered.
This shall show my sheer stupidity!

‘Tis time to hang up my hat and accept this mistake
Since it seems I don’t quite have what it takes
To fool these fools how non-foolish I am.
If only things had gone according to plan,

For I have heard it said:
He who knows, does not speak.
He who speaks, does not know.
I had taken this to heart
And so my heart I would never show.


Christmas in the Sunshine State

The cold doesn’t last, but when it arrives
It reminds us all that we’re still alive.
Vivid memories violently spring to mind
Of each cold spell that froze our time.

That froze our water heater,
Which froze our faces.
Then froze our floorboards
Which froze all traces
of life, then replaced it
With something priceless.

Christmas lights and decorations
Splattered around all of creation.
Old family members and warm fires
Satisfy our simplest desires.