Take Hold of What You Know

Shake it about until it begins to muse.
Then, hang it up to soak in the rays of reflection
Till pure emotion and thought are infused,
Composing a lethal injection.

Then, inject it into your patients to delicately diffuse
Emotion and thought through their veins to enthuse
And infect every faculty of their malleable mind;
Treated to a five-discourse meal from the Divine
With each bite rich with the reflections, musings, and knowledge
Of an overenthusiastic kid barely getting through college.


Ill With Want

I could travel across the land
Searching far and wide,
But the grass will still seem greener
On the other side.

I could be surrounded by people who love me
Yet still feel I don’t belong.
I could think I’m a terrible person
Despite how often told I’m wrong.

I could accomplish several amazing feats
Yet still believe I’m inadequate.
I could try my best to be nice
Yet still remain the Devil’s Advocate.

I could conquer all of Earth
Yet still wish for Jupiter and Mars.
I could conquer the Milky Way
Yet still wish upon other stars.

Cause there’s an endless wave of want in the air,
So what I want I can never obtain.
Every attempt leaves a feeling of despair
As I’m reminded of my ball and chain.

They say that Jesus is the answer
And I know that I am God’s child.
Why, then, during my best days
Can I sometimes find no reason to smile?

This is the impossible riddle of Life
That happens to plague all of our minds.
There is no answer that will suffice
Until we’re in heaven, body and mind refined.

Pursuit of Poetry

This kid is cursed to observe
His forever-changing surroundings.
Endlessly expounding to preserve
That which is already abounding.

It’s useless and absurd
How he carves his every word
To perfection with practiced inflection
—Yet this art is not a dream deferred.

For there’s a falsified respect
Given to that which is unknown.
It gives hope that if we reflect
On the simple and pure, Life itself is shown.

But Life has hid itself away
Far from this kid’s poetic endeavor.
His poems wither and his writings fade,
But the word of God stands forever.