Finals Week

Oh, troubled student wishing to regain
Control of the life that escaped your reins;
It’s liable to buck at any time
To fling you off the saddle you always climb.

It’s a feral feline that can’t be tamed.
No amount of money will keep it chained.
Even the best grades can’t keep it restrained.
Please observe the thunder, lightning, and rain

And learn what you were taught as a child:
Life’s loud, scary, confusing, and wild,
And you may never grow out of this fear,
But your abba father is always near.


Breakfast Blues

Lost my reason to wake in the morning
Ever since you left me without warning.
We’ve always seemed to have gotten along;
Now I’m wondering if I did you wrong.

Lost my reason to give you thanks and praise.
Each day that passes passes in a daze.
The life I live is a life of decay.
My happiness happens to never stay.

I would have treated you so much better,
Or perhaps branded a scarlet letter
Across my chest and openly confess
That I’m impressed by a snack I love best.

Oh chocolate muffin, why’d you have to leave?
I’ve learned not to wear my heart on my sleeve.
Instead my love will always be suppressed
As I keep it locked in a chocolate chest.

Genesis 5:24

You tried to leave the stratosphere
Strapped inside your shoddy rocket
To land among the stars
And stuff them all inside your pocket

So that if you ever face opposition
They can never rain on your parade
For you have several secret star grenades
Saved to destroy all rainy days

Cause you were told as a little kid
Fame and fortune define who you are;
You’ve got to shoot for the moon
And pluck each twinkling little star.

Otherwise you’re a failure
In the eyes of the world that surrounds.
You’ve got the power to succeed
And blast your rocket off the ground.

But you’ve run out of rocket fuel
And are now plummeting back to Earth.
You couldn’t accomplish anything
And now wonder what your life was worth.

Enoch is the definition of success
Yet he had no fame or fortune acquired.
Enoch never even experienced death
For he had done all that was required:

He walked with God.