New Year’s Retribution

Our past predicts how prone we are
To repeat our mistakes in the present.
New Year resolutions are made
To prove ourselves convalescent.

Never again shall we regress
Back to our frail and Fallen state.
Instead, transform into super humans
Gaining skills and losing weight.

Only then will we be pleased
With who we see in the mirror.
On the contrary, oft’ we find
What harms us, we hold dearer.

And so the cycle repeats itself
As our resolutions are broken.
Still, I vow to write more next year
Despite what has just been spoken!


Preparatory Ping-Pong

With just a small paddle held in his hand,
The incoming projectile obeys his command
As it lands on the table filled with rotation
Thanks to his precise hand-eye coordination.

But his opponent, well-versed in the Ping Pong ways,
Returns the volley with a simple paddle raise.

Considering the competence of his adversary,
Our ping pong prodigy presumed it necessary
To play out the match with no holds barred
By holding the rules in complete disregard.

He dives for the ball, though it’s no longer in play,
And carries on conversation as if this move were cliché;
“Yeah, I didn’t have any finals so today was a good day.”