Praying (aka A Prayer About Prayer aka Prayception)

Supposedly, we bow our heads
And close our eyes
To keep out all distractions.

But when I put this plan into action,
It lets all of my thoughts run rampant
About aliens and magnetic attraction.

Cause if we had magnets on our shoes,
We could walk on metal roofs
And leave all passersbys confused.

But I have a test on Tuesday, Lord.

So please grant me the ability
To study hard with humility.
And for my sins, forgive me.
Each look of lust and disgust
As I betray your love and trust.



The Beach and the Mountain

Castle in the Clouds
The sky I loved had lost its luster
As it gradually gave in to the fog.
Strength it could no longer muster
Left helpless the sun for the clouds to clog.

Such a saturated blue,
Bid the beach adieu.
On why this must be true.
Time in paradise is through!

Trapped on top of a misty mountain
With terrain too treacherous to skate.
Too spoiled to see the beauty found in
This castle in the clouds I oft’ berate.