Lock and Key

My heart’s locked in a box.
My body’s trapped in a cage.
All that I want in life’s
Stuffed inside a bolted down safe.

I can never find my damn keys!


Laser of Doom!!!!!

The kitten skedaddles across the room
To catch any object that dares to move.
And there it looms with bright red fumes.
— He’s yet to capture the laser of doom!

Playful pouncing with prancing precision,
Never suspecting the giver of provision.
“Halt bright light, ye defier of Physics!
Explain your ways (though spare the specifics).

How might I gain your unkempt power?
Imagine the amount of birds I’d devour
If I could scale walls and trees
At breakneck speeds with relative ease!”

The light vanished.
“I suppose a cat can dream. “