The seasons change
As you charge

Down the lanes
Of life avant-garde.


Keep Smiling

A warm smile found frozen on your face
Melts away my worries and fears
Until a smile of my own may replace
The cold countenance that constantly appears

When I give in to the burdens I bear
And forget to count my countless blessings
Like the very blessing of this smile you wear
To cast out any thoughts oppressing.

Your contagious smile has secretly bitten
Every person you claim to love the most
Like a malicious virus cleverly written
To replicate and infect nearby hosts.

Lennon Shades

The sun shines its light
To give us sight.
A molten surface emitting
Eons of endless energy
Which I will never see
With my naked eye
That I sometimes dress up
With the cheapest pair of shades
Money can buy
To apply a filter to
My surroundings.

Vibrancy abounding.

To take this world, already astounding,
And modify these light particle pixels
To better see Yahweh’s initials
Carved in the curvature of the mountains
Which have probably seen better days
Before mankind had its way
Without asking for their permission.

Hearts in Clothes

Slip into my hoodie
If you dare.
Slide into my shoes
If you care
To learn more about me,
But we’re scared
To shuffle into the clothes
Others wear.

Though we seek to meet
Other souls,
We never don
Another’s clothes.
Rather not have
Ourselves exposed,
Instead, cover the beauty
Our hearts enclose.


To return to your hometown
Is a flood of emotion.
Memories playback
The tide of time’s ocean.

Waves crash down
Along the bank of your brain’s shore
To tempt you to linger
In its grasp for a bit more.

But the tide only seeks
To keep you in its hold.
Best to dwell instead
In the mountains of your soul.

Autumn Synethesia

The trees branch out their reds and yellows.
Their last battle cry before the frost.
The further north, the more pronounced
As they recall the life they lost.
Shouting in color upon deaf ears,
Such beauty produced at a deadly cost.

The reds rage on
With blistering hate.
“Is there no escape
From our inevitable fate?”

The orange reminisce
On the seasons before.
“Winter is knocking,
But Spring is next door.”

The yellows enjoy
The weather while it lasts.
“Best to live in the present
Than the future or past.”

The browns mutter softly
The last lesson to learn.
“From dust I arose,
So to dust I return.”

The leaves then soon scatter into the winter breeze
To leave silent and naked the once colorful Autumn trees.


The night life glitters
Beneath the starry sky
To attempt to outshine
The light that they so provide.

“What’s yours is mine”
Is what we all tend to believe
So you best not wear
Your bleeding heart on your sleeve.

“What’s mine is yours”
Is a concept we tend to ignore
So we may depend upon ourselves
Rather than our sovereign Lord.

To outshine his guiding stars
And trail-blaze a deviant path
To a better view of the world ablaze,
Determined to have the very last laugh.

The Scaredy-Cat

The gentle hand of my owner
Is the definition of temptation.
His presence alleviates my fears
Of loneliness and starvation.

Yet still I understand
My distance I must keep.
I’ve learned from experience
Human hands have quite the reach.

As they grasp for straws
And put on air.
As they clip my claws
And wet my hair.

Thus I must assert
My freedom from his rule.
To the wilderness I go,
For Man can be cruel.