He followed her footsteps in the sand.
Her imprints vanished beneath his feet.
The tide rolled up behind them both
To cover all tracks upon its swift retreat.

The moon laughed quietly to itself,
“That’ll show them; I rule this beach!
Witness crashing waves belt a lion’s roar
And flatten all castles within their reach.”

With enough arrogance to rival the moon’s,
A gradeschooler rampages through the water.
“The waves crumble before my righteous fist!”
His father mutters, “And you wanted a daughter?”

But the mother’s not impressed
By such a violent display.
“Will it be classmates tomorrow
If it’s the waves today?”



“If only, if only.”
The woodpecker sighs.
“But I’ve a hard-knock life
With more bark than bites.”


His pride in self-reliance

Shattered into bits and pieces

Then rebuilt into a shape

That resembles somewhat of Jesus


For residing in his heart

Is the son of the great I Am.

“You can no longer do this alone

Once adopted into the fam.”

Ring Around Ms. Rosy

So delicately she spoke
About this, and that, and a third.
I twirled the straw in my coke
“Listening” to her every word.

I mumbled a few yeah’s and uh-huh’s
While reality swirled into a dream
Envisioning what a married man does
As I twirl in my pocket a ring.