You can melt every man’s heart of stone
And bend back into place
A blind eye’s rods and cones,

But photophobia’s caught me now.
What good is the gift of sight
If you hide from the light anyhow?

Tears roll down when sins are seen;
Like a lab rat, I fell for this
Active avoidance conditioning.

So I tugged at your robe
To wipe my tears at its hem.

You tore a piece off and said:
“One day, Mankind
Will never need a handkerchief again.”


Rest Self-Assured

If they tell him to speak up,
He’ll gladly speak up an octave.
And he’ll haggle down the cost
If he ever happens to be accosted.

Yet still he remains at a loss
When others tell him to cut his losses
Since his rose-tinted glasses
Block out every hint she tosses.