Signal Lost

There’s no reason for us to talk
As we discuss meteorological matters.
Our communal cup never fills up
For each time we lose touch, it shatters.

You see in me a man from before.
I see in you but a shallow shore
With a receding tide
Of our friendship folklore.

Is there nothing more?

I’ve tired of this one-sided conversation
So I’ll retire and keep myself complacent
With an assuming posture
And twiddling of thumbs
With the occasional interjection
Of terribly clever puns.




Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words cause damage you can’t undo.
My confidence shatters, so trivial matters
Cause panic at the sight or mention of you.

Old Habits Die Hard

Do you happen to have
A cigarette I could bum?
Just to hold in my hand
To help reminisce some

To bring me back to a time
When I had it all together
And the worst of my worries
Was exploring Minecraft’s Nether.

In fact, could I please
Borrow your lighter as well?
I won’t actually smoke it;
I promise to not inhale.

Just the act of smoking
Puts my mind at ease
And places it in Bear Creek
Enjoying the summer’s breeze.

But I’ve come this far already,
So I think I’ll take just a puff
With one good hit of nicotine
I’m sure I’ll find to be enough.

I’ll savor its flavor
Of late-night party favors
And quick, justified breaks
Between writing papers.

And just like back then,
It seems I still need a Savior
And a few more cigarettes
Before I break this bad behavior.

The Grinch

My heart hurts
And aches
In ways
I thought I’d never feel
A decade ago,
And so I’m thankful.

Thank you
For your wrenches and knifes
In my life
That you tossed and stabbed with,

My heart grew
So many sizes
Since those days
That I only gave way
To a broader attack space
For the world to deface

With exploits
So obvious
To those who drew close

I’d find it morose
Should they not capitalize
On the faults
I’d so often advertise.


I still have yet
To be baptized.
Am I just waiting
For this ship to capsize?

Or for my friends
To toss me overboard
During the ceaseless storm
Sent by my Lord?

I’ve ignored the call
To Nineveh’s shore
But this only delays
God’s call for much more.

Mid-Midlife Crisis

There’s nothing better
Than a mid-midlife crisis.
At the peak of your prime,
Catching up on lost time,
Fighting off vicious vices

By keeping yourself busy
And taking in all of the city
Without a care
For what its price is.

So long as you’re no longer
Left to your own devices.


She put on his shoes.
Walked around, but left confused.
No fault was found
To explain each choice he choosed.

But her feet, much tougher
Could not detect
The pebbles which provoked
The actions he may soon regret.

Two faults were found
Leaving nothing constructive left.


You can melt every man’s heart of stone
And bend back into place
A blind eye’s rods and cones,

But photophobia’s caught me now.
What good is the gift of sight
If you hide from the light anyhow?

Tears roll down when sins are seen;
Like a lab rat, I fell for this
Active avoidance conditioning.

So I tugged at your robe
To wipe my tears at its hem.

You tore a piece off and said:
“One day, Mankind
Will never need a handkerchief again.”

Rest Self-Assured

If they tell him to speak up,
He’ll gladly speak up an octave.
And he’ll haggle down the cost
If he ever happens to be accosted.

Yet still he remains at a loss
When others tell him to cut his losses
Since his rose-tinted glasses
Block out every hint she tosses.